Here at the BCC, in order to meet our objective of sustainability, we have created an avenue where people who wish to support our organization can become member

Rather than donating to fund the education of an individual student, we’re creating a platform where funds can go towards maintaining the project itself, whether that concerns feeding our children nutritious meals, buying educational supplies, or having funds for renovations and upgrades.

Three plans are arranged as below

Silver 5$/Month

Gold - 15$/Month

Platinum 30$/Month

Donate(Any Amount)


We are always searching for talented people who are service-minded to volunteer for us, whether that involves teaching subjects, music, languages, computer literacy, career counseling, or sports. Those involved in the arts, health, construction, or engineering are also welcome! If you have a skill that you think could be useful, we’ll find a way to make your contribution count!

This is a great chance for volunteers to learn how to work at an international and multicultural organization and could open future career paths for you. If you have any questions, please email or contact Kevin through Whatsapp (+19788855782). Welcome to Busungu Community Center!

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    Louise (Denmark) “I have chosen to continue to support the project as a member of the school, as I have seen with my own eyes how much the school means to these children and for the whole community. That is exactly why I am very grateful to have the opportunity to support the school, so there would always be happy children with the desire to learn a the BCC. From the bottom of my heart it makes me really happy that I help create learning for these children.”

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    Astrid (Denmark) “Every day I spent teaching at BCC is a cherished memory to me. One memory that is particularly meaningful is the day a student finally understood the difference between writing a ‘d’ and a ‘b’ and he looked at me, grabbed my hand, and kissed it. The fact that the kids were so grateful for learning made a big impression on me and it characterizes the environment at the BCC. The school brings joy, happiness and knowledge to the students, the volunteers, the staff and the community and it’s a very progressive and well functioning project. That’s why I’m more than happy to be contributing to the BCC.”

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    Milla (Denmark) “After my experience with the BCC, there was no doubt that I was going to support the project. The way they do it by the community and knowing that I'm not only helping to support the daily lives of the kids but also the community is so meaningful for me. You do a difference everyday—and give so kids an opportunity to learn and educate themselves.”

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